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Launched in 2005, No.6 began as an under-the-radar shop in the Little Italy/Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, carrying curated vintage and European designers. Since its advent, No.6 has garnered a cult following for their handmade shoes and aspirational yet accessible ready to wear collection. Owner and designer Karin Bereson’s goal is to create pieces that can be worn over and over, and can easily complement a woman’s existing wardrobe. In her own words, No.6 is a brand for “anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

The No.6 clientele includes a diverse mix of celebrities, models, stylists, and everyday women who delight in cultivating their own distinctive style. Bereson’s aim is to have a brand that resonates with humor and friendliness in an industry that is often known for its exclusivity and seriousness.

Established in 2003, Citizens of Humanity has captivated the fashion world with a rigorous commitment to cutting edge denim styling, comfort and fit without compromise. With over 25 years of experience in the denim industry, founder Jerome Dahan, is a true visionary and the first to bring the concept of luxury designer denim to the global marketplace. The company designs, markets and produces Citizens of Humanity, C-of-H Man, Goldsign and A Gold E brands in a full vertical facility to ensure the product is unparalleled.

Jerome Dahan grew up in Paris and came of age in Montreal, where in the mid '70s, he designed his first pair of jeans, which featured embroidered back pockets- an innovation in the early days of designer denim. In the early 1980s, he migrated to Los Angeles, helping establish it as a world capital for the design and manufacturing of premium blue jeans. Citizens of Humanity is fueled by knowledge, creativity and a love for denim.

Clyde is a New York City-based label designed by Vancouver native Dani Griffiths. After moving to the city in 2008, Griffiths exercised her aptitude for fashion as a buyer, merchandiser and house collection sales director at Assembly New York. It was in 2010 that she started making her own line of discerning, crocheted wool accessories. Since then, the offering has steadily evolved to include a range of hats that are blocked by hand in a small New York state millinery factory.

Sharp yet classic and smartly cultivated, Clyde has caught the attention of distinguished publications and ardent admirers worldwide. The hats, in particular, possess a sculptural beauty while maintaining a straightforward wearability – this balance perfected by hand finishes and considered design. Clyde aspires to not only be a part of the wearer’s story but to help tell it by encouraging individual experiences that can, in turn, impart personal meaning to each and every piece.

Laura Cramer and Starr Hout first met while students at NYU. It was here that they established a lifelong bond and friendship. After graduation, Starr worked in the art world before transitioning into fashion where she worked as a stylist. Laura worked as a graphic designer and art director, specializing in branding. It was on their 30th birthdays (the designers are born a day apart) that the designers took a road trip to West Texas which inspired their collaboration.

The conception of this line had two goals: to merge their creative lives, which until now had run parallel, and to create a body of intermixing pieces that could be packed in a single bag. The line has since evolved with the designers themselves and garnered attention from creative, independent minded women internationally. The designers now both live in Brooklyn, about a block apart, with their husbands and children.

Born and raised in Manhattan, the daughter of archaeologists, Ulla Johnson honed her signature style between the streets of New York and the remote destinations of their family travels. Founded in 2000, her line immediately caught the attention of the fashion press and has since gained a dedicated following.

She has never wavered on her steadfast attention to the details of construction that have become her hallmark, basing each of her collections on a foundation of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit and form. The Ulla Johnson label has become synonymous with custom prints, intricate embroideries, and fine tailoring, all of which have earned her a loyal and global customer base.

The namesake line from designer Mary Young features Canadian made lingerie and loungewear that understands the importance of fashionable yet comfortable clothing. Mary Young fills a gap in the women’s wear market to provide feminine and relaxed undergarments and loungewear that not only embody the modern woman’s lifestyle, but also empower females to embrace their individuality and to refuse contortion into industry definitions of sexy.

Her garments emphasize comfort with the use of jerseys, knits and soft elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural body. Unlike most lingerie and loungewear, Mary Young is a lifestyle brand that allows comfort and freedom from restriction, as each garment is intended to move with one’s body, all while maintaining high quality and style.

The Shaina Mote collection provides versatile and timeless staples for the distinctive, self-aware woman. Pieces are designed for the woman who eschews trend in favor of timeless self-expression. Season by season, the Shaina Mote collection balances the functionality of smart design with the delight of the unexpected. Each piece is purposeful: designed with subtle details and an attention to fit and construction; produced sustainably; intended to be worn, loved, and rediscovered season after season.

All Shaina Mote pieces are designed, developed, and made in Los Angeles. The line’s ethos is centered on fair production and a commitment to supporting local trades and skills. Using family-run contractors and local craftsmen, the collection is built to last by people personally connected to the brand. Each Shaina Mote garment is made with attention and intention: every fabric is deliberately selected with care and consideration given to source, sustainability, and longevity.

Based in Copenhagen and owned and run since 2009 by husband-and-wife team Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup and Founder Nicolaj Reffstrup, GANNI is a line full of personality and contrasts with a Scandi 2.0 sense of style. The GANNI mission is simple: to fill a gap in the advanced contemporary market for effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that women instinctively reach for, day in, day out. The brand calls Copenhagen home, and while acknowledging and honouring the traditions of quality Scandinavian design, GANNI does not subscribe to its often minimal expression.

“With GANNI we wanted to do something different than the typical stereotypes of Scandinavian fashion, which when we started were either high-concept Scandi-style or girly-boho. Aiming to create a third alternative, we sought after a more playful and effortless approach to design, that represents how I want to dress and look. Without strict dogmas or rules, but with room for personality, contrasts and experimentation.” - Ditte Reffstrup

Spanish designed and made brand Paloma Wool is a personal project started by Barcelona-based creative Paloma Lanna. Having learned about the business side of the fashion industry first hand through her parents’ clothing line, she wanted to launch a creative project that allowed her to blend her love of art and fashion. At the core of the brand is a desire to release timeless pieces that challenge the disposability of fast fashion.

Her line is also heavily influenced by local creatives in her inner circle, who often collaborate on prints and content for her collections. Since its inception in 2014 the brand has experimented with projects in movement, gender, and inclusivity that tell a story through each and every piece.

Born and raised in Budapest, Sandra Sandor graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2005. Soon after that, she launched her own label Nanushka which instantly evoked a signature style of confident ease and subtle femininity. In 2016 Peter Baldaszti, Sandra’s long-time partner, joined as co-owner and CEO, which allowed the brand to grow and evolve into to what it is today.

With clothing designed in Budapest and produced in Europe, the collections showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials. Nanushka shows its mainline collection at New York Fashion week where it garners international attention from fashionistas, editors and celebrities alike. Where East meets West, the brand draws inspiration from the spiritual journey through cultures and time, effortlessly combining function with flair.

CP Shades’ mantra is “What you see is what you get” which is reflected in their uncomplicated yet elegant clothing. Using all natural and sustainable fibers that are machine washable, CP Shades pieces are meant to be worn over and over again and let your skin breathe. Founded in San Francisco in 1975, CP Shades has domestically manufactured all of their products in the Bay Area ever since. CP Shades’ commitment to sustainability was further reinforced when in 2018 all offices and production facilities were converted to 100% renewable energy.

They are the first apparel manufacturer in the country to operate exclusively on renewable energy, and hope its leadership will urge others in the industry to join them in this unprecedented commitment to the environment. It is with this in mind, as well as a timeless sense of wearability that CP Shades has developed a loyal following and legion of devotees.

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Comey graduated from the University of Vermont as an art major with a focus on sculpture. For many years she denied her interest in fashion, instead opting to collaborate with friends on a variety of creative projects in art, costume and set design. Comey moved to New York in 1998 to further pursue opportunities in the arts. Her collaboration with the band Gogol Bordello, for whom she designed stage sets and costumes, garnered her a place in the 2001 Whitney Biennial.

In September of 2001, Comey launched her first collection: menswear inspired by the young music scene in New York. Thanks to strong word of mouth, the collection proved a success, and she began to develop a loyal following.

The natural next step for Comey was to add womenswear to her burgeoning business. The women’s collection quickly took off and developed its own grassroots following. Her collections became known for their artful custom prints, graceful modern silhouettes, hand craftsmanship, and carefully chosen materials.

The continued success of Comey’s brand is largely due to word of mouth, and by appealing to the intelligence and independence of her customers, who appreciate the thoughtful details and off beat charm manifested in her designs.

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